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Historic Carbon Offset Projects

Our historic carbon offsetting projects have played a crucial role in fostering sustainability and combating climate change.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of supporting a wide range of high-quality renewable energy initiatives and coastal marine projects across various continents—from the vibrant landscapes of South America to the bustling shores of Asia and the tranquil coasts of Europe. The projects showcased here are no longer available for carbon offsetting due to the expiration of the carbon credit period or the limited availability of carbon credits. However, we invite you to explore our historic carbon offset projects by clicking the links below.

Project Categories

Solar Panel Projects
Harnessing The Sun’s Energy To Generate Clean, Renewable Energy 

These solar power projects play a pivotal role in generating clean, renewable energy for countries across the globe.

Through these initiatives, we not only facilitate the transition towards sustainable energy practices, we contribute significantly to the local community by creating jobs for those interested in supporting the renewable energy sector.

Historic Projects:

Madagascar – Solar Power Plant

Mauritius – Solar Power Plant

Biomass Projects
Utilising organic waste materials to generate renewable energy and promote a circular economy.

Biomass energy projects present a viable and sustainable avenue for addressing our energy demands whilst mitigating carbon emissions and reducing waste.

Through the application of diverse biomass conversion methodologies like combustion, gasification, and pyrolysis, we can effectively harness energy from organic matter. These processes facilitate the generation of heat, electricity, and biofuels, providing a multifaceted approach to energy production that aligns with environmental conservation efforts.

Historic Projects:

Brazil – Biomass summary

Costa Rica – Biomass

Wind Power Projects
Embracing wind energy can lead to a reduction in carbon emissions

These wind turbine projects are designed to harness the power of the wind to counterbalance carbon emissions produced by the superyacht industry. By embracing wind power as a viable alternative to conventional energy sources, we are building a greener future for generations to come.

Historic Projects:

Jamaica – Wind Power

Galapagos – Wind Power

Mauritania – Wind Power

Aruba – Wind Power

Turkey – Wind Power

New Caledonia – Wind Power

Mexico – Wind Power

Hydropower Projects
Using energy generated from flowing water as a fundamental resource for electricity production.

These hydropower plants harness the energy of flowing water, typically from rivers or reservoirs, to generate electricity. The process is renewable and emits no greenhouse gases during operation, unlike fossil fuels. By providing a clean energy source, hydropower reduces reliance on polluting fossil fuels, thereby combating climate change.

Historic Projects:

India – Hydroelectric

Indonesia – Hydro Power

Honduras – Small Hydro

Brazil – Small Hydro

Geothermal Projects
Using steam from reservoirs found a few miles below the earth’s surface to produce electricity.

Unlike fossil fuels, which release large amounts of carbon dioxide when burned, geothermal energy relies on the earth’s natural heat, resulting in significantly lower emissions. Furthermore, geothermal plants have a small land footprint compared to other forms of energy generation, minimising habitat disruption and land use change, which can contribute to climate change.

Historic Projects:

Indonesia – Geothermal

Turkey – Geothermal Power

Guatemala – Geothermal summary

Additional Projects
Counteracting the greenhouse gas emissions generated by superyachts through a range of carbon offsetting projects.

By investing in initiatives such as reforestation, renewable energy projects, or methane capture from landfills, carbon offsetting projects actively work to counterbalance the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from superyachts.

Historic Projects:

India – Cookstoves

International Shipping – Advanced Antifouling

Thailand – Waste to Energy

Explore our active carbon reduction projects for a comprehensive overview of the current opportunities available.

We continue to offer our clients a wide range array of carbon offsetting projects to support. From initiatives focused on reforestation and afforestation to renewable energy adoption and energy efficiency improvements, our portfolio encompasses a wide range of impactful endeavours.

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