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Environmental Charities We Support

Protecting Our Oceans
for the superyacht community now and forever.

Carefully Selected Causes

The Blue Marine Foundation is committed to ocean restoration around the world. The organisation actively pursues objectives such as securing marine protected areas, developing sustainable fishing models, rehabilitating marine habitats, addressing unsustainable fishing practices, and fostering a connection between individuals and their maritime heritage.

Yacht Carbon Offset invites its clients to support Blue Marine’s UK project, the Solent Oyster Restoration Project, which aims to restore native oysters to the Solent waters.

The Ocean Foundation’s mission is to support, strengthen, and promote organisations committed to reversing the alarming trend of environmental degradation in ocean ecosystems worldwide.

The initiatives undertaken by the foundation aim to address critical issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, plastic pollution, community ocean engagement, and more. By strategically aligning its efforts with these pivotal areas, The Ocean Foundation demonstrates a holistic commitment to fostering a sustainable and thriving future for marine ecosystems.

The Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services (ACES) actively promotes and advances community-led initiatives aimed at conserving blue carbon ecosystems in tropical regions. Working in close partnerships with local community groups, ACES strategically develops and oversees various projects designed to safeguard and rehabilitate vital ecosystems, including mangrove forests and seagrass meadows.

These initiatives contribute significantly to climate resilience and foster biodiversity conservation, ensuring the sustained well-being of the local communities intertwined with these precious environments.

Safeguarding our oceans is a primary concern within the superyacht industry. 

Are you passionate about the ocean preservation? Perhaps you’d like to help combat the detrimental impact of plastic pollution, rejuvenate the habitats of endangered marine species, promote sustainable fishing practices, or actively support other noteworthy marine projects that resonate with your local community.
In addition to supporting the superyacht industry in offsetting carbon emissions, we provide our clients with the chance to contribute to a range of charitable causes we support. Our goal is to empower clients to support non-accredited, third-party projects globally, which focus on marine conservation and other impactful marine initiatives.
We want to emphasise that charitable donations do NOT form the basis of your carbon offset and are not included in the LRQA certification. Any contribution to a charity is separate from the carbon offset transaction. Yacht Carbon Offset will manage the donation process and transmit the entire amount to the chosen charity without deducting any commission or fees. We recommend a contribution of €1 or US$1 for each tonne of carbon offset, which will be included in your carbon offset quote. However, you are welcome to donate a higher amount if you wish! Please let us knowa if you would like to participate when you review and approve your quote.
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