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Superyacht Carbon Offsetting Services

Carbon Offsetting Services for the Superyacht Industry

A growing number of yacht owners, captains, and forward-thinking yacht management companies are aligning their compasses towards a more sustainable future. Recognising the importance of minimising the environmental impact of their vessels, these responsible seafarers are embracing practical solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

At the core of this initiative lies our pay-as-you-go carbon offset service, which provides yacht owners with a hassle-free mechanism to make a positive contribution every time they bunker fuel. It’s a simple process that supports a reputable carbon reduction project of your choice anywhere in the world – This approach ensures that these projects contribute meaningfully to global environmental sustainability while uplifting local communities. It transforms the act of refuelling into a purposeful endeavour, echoing a commitment to environmental responsibility.

The annual cost of joining our carbon offset program for your yacht depends on your yachts operational characteristics and how often you use it. We calculate the cost transparently, based on the amount of fuel your yacht uses. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. Additionally, you have the option to donate €/$/£1 for every tonne of carbon offset to support environmental charities focused on marine conservation. This donation is voluntary and allows you to contribute to protecting our oceans.

Carbon Offset Services for Charters

By collaborating with leading yacht charter companies dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, we ensure that every voyage contributes to the preservation of our planet.

How It Works

Assessment: Our process begins with a thorough examination in collaboration with charter brokers and captains. This analysis focuses on identifying the precise fuel consumption linked to the charter, laying the groundwork for our carbon offsetting procedure.

Calculation: Utilising our own advanced methodologies, we calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the identified fuel and other charter activities – This comprehensive approach ensures a precise understanding of the environmental impact.

Project Selection: We take pride in supporting a range of high-quality carbon reduction projects, These initiatives undergo validation by one of four international carbon registries, ensuring their credibility. Through strategic investments in these projects, we actively contribute to global endeavours aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change..

Certification: Upon completion of the offset, we provide clients with a personalised certificate detailing the tonnes of CO2 offset, specifying the associated fuel or charter activity, and outlining the selected carbon reduction project – This documentation allows our clients to witness the tangible impact of their commitment to sustainability.

Carbon Offsetting Solutions for Ports and Marinas

A superyacht hotel load’s energy consumption is noteworthy, raising concerns about its environmental impact. However, a compelling solution to address this issue while enhancing the sustainability profile of marinas is the implementation of a marina carbon offset program.

How It Works

Daily Environmental Fee: Yacht owners are encouraged to voluntarily contribute a nominal daily environmental fee, typically around €1 per night per berth. Collectively, these contributions form the marina environmental fund, a dedicated pool of resources committed to mitigating the carbon footprint associated with superyacht activities.

Emission Evaluation: On a regular basis (e.g. quarterly), the cumulative fees from the marina clients are calculated. This calculation helps us to determine the amount of carbon emissions that can be effectively offset using the funds accumulated in the marina environmental fund.

Carbon Offset Action: In a strategic move towards sustainability, the next step involves identifying and supporting carefully selected, high-quality carbon reduction projects. These projects, chosen in collaboration with the marina, could encompass a range of initiatives such as renewable energy developments, reforestation efforts, or innovative carbon capture technologies. By actively participating in these projects, marinas contribute to global environmental initiatives and counteract the carbon impact of their operations.

Certification: A personalised certificate is issued for each carbon offset transaction to provide tangible evidence of the positive environmental impact achieved. This certificate serves as a testament to the marina’s commitment to sustainability. Typically, the certificate includes essential details such as the marina’s name and location, the date and specifics of emission activities, and the particular carbon reduction project chosen to complete the offset transaction. However, we can adapt the certificate information to reflect your needs and keep disclosure to a minimum if required.

Ready to Get Started?

Carbon Offsetting Process

Carbon Offsetting Process

The process of carbon offsetting involves five steps. Firstly, we work with you to identify the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with yachting activities. The second step is determining the carbon credits required for offsetting this activity using our specialised in-house tool.

Tailored project selection is the third step, focusing on high-quality projects aligned with client preferences in location and technology. These projects, often in developing countries, aim to reduce GHG emissions and positively impact local communities. Clients can choose credits from recognised registries like Gold Standard and UNFCCC.

The fourth step involves allocating emissions reduction by retiring the required carbon credits from the chosen project in an international carbon registry. Finally, a personalised Yacht Carbon Offset Certificate is issued for each transaction, detailing the addressed GHG emission sources and the chosen offset project. The certificate is adaptable and can be integrated into a vessel’s Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan. Furthermore, the option to proudly display our Yacht Carbon Offset Flag is available for superyachts engaged in a routine carbon offset program.

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