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Our Quality Assurance

LRQA Certified to ISO9001

At Yacht Carbon Offset, we recognise the significance of our clients’ public image and we believe that upholding the highest ethical standards is paramount as we deliver a bespoke carbon offsetting service that addresses environmental sustainability.

To ensure the complete transparency and credibility of our carbon offset certificates, our company maintains fully documented information. Every step of the process, from project selection and verification to certificate issuance, is documented within our comprehensive quality management system. This allows our clients and any interested party to trace the journey of their offset investment and confirm its validity.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond service delivery. We continuously refine our processes and maintain compliance with ISO 9001 standards, including regular independent external audits by LRQA. The independent scrutiny required to obtain ISO9001 Certification demonstrates that we operate our quality carbon offset service to the highest levels of integrity and rigour.

Setting The Standard Within The Superyacht Industry

In line with the high expectations of our clients, Yacht Carbon Offset applies the highest ethical standards in the delivery of its discretionary environmental service. We operate with integrity and rigour, and we comply with all our statutory and legal requirements.

Yacht Carbon Offset has established and maintains a fully documented Quality Management System that covers all material process elements of our service delivery process. Our Quality Objectives are defined and shared within the organisation, and reviewed regularly to ensure they continue to address the requirements of our Clients. The delivery of our carbon offset Certificates and associated charitable support initiatives is fully supported by auditable evidence.

Yacht Carbon Offset commits to continually improving its service delivery and maintaining compliance with requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001. Our carbon offset and marine environmental support processes are Certified to ISO 9001 by LRQA to give our clients full confidence in the validity of our service.

Further details of our approach to Quality and how we apply this Policy are available on reasonable request. Details about the ISO 9001 standard may be found at and information about our external auditor LRQA are available at

Our Quality Carbon Offset Service

Committed to excellence, driven by integrity, and focused on sustainable impact.

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