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Look no further. At less than €0.05 per litre, the price to offset your carbon footprint with Yacht Carbon Offset is not only affordable – it is highly competitive. This means you can enjoy your yachting experience with peace of mind that you have counterbalanced the carbon impact of your cruising, without needing to compromise. See our price guide below.

Our Affordable and Competitive Pricing

Price Comparison Chart*

*Data as of October 2022

If you have any further questions about our carbon offset pricing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

We conduct regular benchmarking exercises to ensure that our pricing compares favourably with the published price of other carbon offset providers. As well as offering you a quick and simple carbon offsetting service, and a range of bespoke marine and renewable energy-themed carbon offset projects, we can also offer you one of the most competitive costs the carbon offset industry has to offer.

Our Competitive Carbon Offset Price Guide

Carbon Offset Price Guide*

Quantity of Marine Gas Oil (MGO),


Price, Euros (€)

(exc. VAT)

Indicative Price,

€ / litre

5,000 215 0.04
10,000 425 0.04
50,000 1,810 0.03
100,000 3,545 0.03
200,000 7,015 0.03
Quantity of Marine Gas Oil (MGO),

US Gallons

Price, US Dollars

(US$) (exc. VAT)

Indicative Price,

US$ / US gallons

1,000 165 0.16
5,000 730 0.14
10,000 1,388 0.14
20,000 2,700 0.13
50,000 6,640 0.16

*Price for all our selected projects, excluding our ♦Premium Projects

Assumed €/US$ exchange rate = 1.00

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