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Yacht Carbon Offset – Price update and Call for Action

COP25 is in progress, and media headlines declare a climate emergency. But to do good, we have to do something! Reducing greenhouse gas emissions has never been more important, so yacht owners and charterers can take action today through Yacht Carbon Offset. The cost is surprisingly modest – around 2 eurocents per litre, or €200 to carbon offset a cruise requiring 10,000 litres of fuel. A small price to pay to achieve a practical and highly relevant environmental upgrade.

As over 200 countries meet this week in Madrid for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 25), pressure will be put all global leaders to deliver realistic plans to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Action is being taken by many industries, organisations and governments, with increasing public engagement (not least from younger generations). The Superyacht community is no exception and we invite all Principals and industry professionals to act now to make a positive impact.

The Superyacht Industry is increasingly focused on the need to operate in a more sustainable way; indeed at a recent event attended by Yacht Carbon Offset, the theme was raised in almost every session, with solutions ranging from technical innovation to operational improvements and eco-friendly products. Yacht Carbon Offset is an enthusiastic supporter of such solutions.

For any yacht, carbon offsetting can contribute immediately to these goals. Our service balances your greenhouse gas emissions, tonne for tonne, with emission reductions from verified green energy projects. Money from your carbon offset purchase provides financial support to each project, and Yacht Carbon Offset selects projects based on rigorous credentials, with a fully-documented system that is audited by Lloyds.

What may be surprising for such a rigorous, tailored service, is the relatively modest cost. At current prices, our carbon offset service costs around of €2 cents per litre of marine fuel, depending on fuel quantity and choice of individual project if required. We can readily propose offsets for associated activities such as private or commercial aviation and shore power.

Ask yourself; ask the Boss; ask the Client: is it time for an environmental upgrade? Ask Yacht Carbon Offset for a no-obligation quotation. We’d love to help you make a positive impact.

Yacht Carbon Offset provides a fully-documented service for those who own and enjoy the world’s leading superyachts and has Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification. For details and to take action to counteract your greenhouse gas emissions, visit

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