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Introducing Rachel Goult, new Managing Director

Yacht Carbon Offset is very pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Goult as the company’s new Managing Director with immediate effect.

Rachel will work alongside the company’s founder Mark Robinson, who now has other professional responsibilities but who will remain engaged with the strategic development of the business. Rachel and Mark share an enthusiasm for offering the yachting community an effective way to counteract the greenhouse gas impact of these spectacular vessels.

Rachel, whose career as a Director and Lead Analyst at the credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings focused on infrastructure and renewable energy projects, said: “It is a great time to be joining Yacht Carbon Offset, with such a high level of attention on the need for action on climate change and protection of the marine environment. I can already see a strong ambition amongst yachting professionals to improve sustainability. I am looking forward enormously to leading Yacht Carbon Offset on the next stage of its growth and development.

Mark Robinson said: “The growth of the business, as more and more yachts choose to counteract their greenhouse gas impact, has meant that, for some time now, there has been a need to strengthen our team. As a company, we greatly appreciate our clients’ choice to participate in this discretionary service and we know that we have work to do to build awareness and extend this participation further.

I am delighted therefore to introduce Rachel, who brings to the table management and organisational skills as well as industry expertise in carbon offset projects, so essential to this specialised environmental service. Rachel and the team can now build upon the proven processes we have established since 2008 and begin the next phase of Yacht Carbon Offset’s development.”

Yacht Carbon Offset provides a fully-documented service for those who own and enjoy the world’s leading superyachts and has Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification. For details and to take action to counteract your greenhouse gas emissions, visit

Rachel Goult:

Rachel started her career as an engineer in the oil and gas industry. After graduating with a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University she worked around the globe on gas-based production and power projects for British Gas Exploration & Production, before stepping across into the world of finance.

At S&P Global Ratings, where she spent a successful 20-year career as a project finance analyst, Rachel was responsible for a large portfolio of European Infrastructure Project Finance transactions, including various wind and solar projects in the region. Rachel also supported the development of S&P Global Ratings’ Green Evaluation methodology, which is asset-level environmental tool focused on the green impact and climate risk attributes of projects.

Yacht Carbon Offset

Yacht Carbon Offset offers a convenient environmental service that deals effectively with the greenhouse gas impact of the yacht. Cruising freedom is preserved, and no on-board equipment is required. Yacht Carbon Offset calculates the greenhouse gas emissions based on the fuel quantity specified, and the service can be extended to include the impact from other activities such as aircraft operations or shore power.

These emissions, sometimes called the “carbon footprint” are then counteracted by equivalent reductions in emissions achieved by independently verified green energy projects.

Each offset payment financially supports the green energy project and in exchange, the emission reductions are allocated to the yacht. Yacht Carbon Offset’s fully-documented procedure is backed up by its Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification. Prominent and/or eco-conscious owners and guests welcome this “environmental upgrade”, and it can only help when cruising in environmentally sensitive destinations.

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