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Yacht Carbon Offset at the 2019 Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting

Yacht Carbon Offset invites all brokers, captains and professionals attending the 2019 Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting to join us at the Copper & Lumber Store, Nelson’s Dockyard on Saturday 7th December, 08.50am. The “Information Hour” offers an opportunity to learn more about Carbon Offsetting and Why it works for your Charter.

For the 12th year, Yacht Carbon Offset is attending the Antigua Charter Yacht Show (5-10 December 2019) to raise ambition and increase action amongst the yachting community to counteract greenhouse gas emissions.

The service is calculated from the fuel requirement of the charter, which is usually readily available information, The corresponding greenhouse gas emissions are balanced, tonne for tonne, with emission reductions from verified green energy projects. Money from each carbon offset purchase provide financial support to carefully-selected projects. The client receives a certificate showing clearly what has been included.

With today’s growing focus on improved sustainability, there are many ways to include this “environmental upgrade” in the arrangements for any charter. Whether provided by the Owners as the yacht’s standard procedures, offered by the Central Agent as a preference sheet option, or arranged by the Charter Broker for a discerning client, Yacht Carbon Offset is a convenient and effective positive step.

What may be surprising for such a rigorous, tailored service, is the relatively modest cost. At current prices, our carbon offset service costs around of €2 cents per litre of marine fuel, so for example it would cost just €200 to arrange and certify a carbon offset for a superyacht charter requiring 10,000 litres of fuel.

We can readily propose offsets for associated activities such as private or commercial aviation and shore power.

For those in Antigua, we invite you to and join us on Saturday morning where we can respond to your questions and share ideas on how to bring this environmental upgrade to your charter clients in the coming season.

Yacht Carbon Offset’s fully-documented service is designed for those who own and enjoy the world’s leading superyachts and has Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification. For details and to take action to counteract your greenhouse gas emissions, visit

Appendix: About Yacht Carbon Offset Ltd.

Yacht Carbon Offset is an independent UK limited company, owned by founder Mark Robinson and his wife Samantha Robinson. The company was formed in 2007 with the launch of services to Superyacht clients in April 2008. We welcomed Rachel Goult as the company’s new Managing Director in October 2019.

The Company was set up to enable Superyacht Owners and Charter Clients to address the greenhouse gas impact of their yachting activities, whilst preserving cruising freedom. This specialist carbon offset service focused on the particular requirements for:

• Consistency with the luxury yachting lifestyle, defining a personalised carbon offset programme as a proportionate, voluntary response to the environmental impact of a large, powerful vessel.

• Selection of greenhouse gas reduction projects of the highest quality, and enabling clients to choose, if required. • A solution that encompasses the full range of fuels from Marine GasOil to Jet A1, and a flexible transaction structure reflecting each client’s VAT status.

• A fully documented methodology, with Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification (unique in the carbon offsetting industry).

• Enhancement of the marketing communications of those yachts that are commercially operated or that wish to disclose their high environmental standards.

With an international customer base including Superyachts from 25 to over 125m, such as Baton Rouge, Meamina, Lionheart and Hyperion (and many others that choose not to disclose their participation) the business continues to grow year on year.

Corporate clients include support businesses such as MB’92 and International Maritime Services, and Yacht Carbon Offset has regularly partnered with events such as the MYBA Charter Yacht Show and the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting.

The Company was delighted to be the winner of the 2011 International Superyacht Society Fabien Cousteau Blue Award. This Award celebrates stewardship of marine ecosystems and Yacht Carbon Offset was honoured to have been chosen by a distinguished panel of superyacht business leaders and marine environmentalist Fabien Cousteau.

Additional details including briefing notes, news releases, and the Company’s Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Certification are available on

Prior to founding Yacht Carbon Offset, Mark Robinson advised on the valuation of renewable and other energy projects, and spent 5 years as an Equity Analyst covering European utilities for two Investment Banks in London. He has an MBA from INSEAD and a degree in Chemistry from Oxford University.

Rachel Goult started her career as an engineer in the oil and gas industry. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University she worked around the globe on gas-based production and power projects for British Gas Exploration & Production, before stepping across into the world of finance. She spent successful 20-year career as a project finance analyst, focused on renewable energy, prior to joining Yacht Carbon Offset.

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