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Green Anchors: Marinas Leading the Way in Sustainable Superyachting

A sea of superyachts docked in St Katherine Docks

When it comes to the superyacht community, the need for luxury sails hand in hand with an increasing commitment to environmental stewardship. Marinas around the globe are charting a course towards sustainability, implementing innovative practices that promise a greener future for our oceans. By partnering with Yacht Carbon Offset, these eco havens are becoming pivotal players in marine conservation. Read below to explore some of the ways marinas are becoming more eco-friendly in their operations and their crucial role in promoting carbon offset initiatives for superyachts.

Waste Management: Turning the Tide on Trash

The journey towards sustainability begins with tackling the basics: waste management. Crew members aboard superyachts often go to great lengths to separate recyclables from general waste, only to find their efforts nullified by inadequate recycling facilities at their berthing points. Progressive marinas are addressing this by establishing comprehensive recycling programmes and introducing innovative systems for purifying marina waters. These include advanced pumping systems and nets designed to capture both macro and micro waste, targeting the pervasive problem of plastic pollution. Such measures not only cater to the environmental conscientiousness of superyacht owners and charter guests but are also essential steps towards preserving marine ecosystems.

Biofuel Supply: Charting a Greener Course

Alternative fuels are emerging as a beacon of innovation within the marine industry. We are excited to witness marinas like Port Gibraltar and Port Vauban in Antibes (among others) pioneering the provision of biofuel to superyachts and other vessels utilising their facilities. This forward-thinking approach underscores a wider movement towards sustainability in the marine sector, presenting a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel alternative for superyachts. As biofuels become increasingly accessible, they set the stage for a considerable decrease in the carbon footprint of maritime operations. It is clear that investing in biofuel provision is a smart move for marinas aiming to embrace sustainability.

Renewable Power Tariffs: Energising Sustainability

Leveraging the power of the sun and wind, some visionary marinas are investing in renewable energy sources and embracing green power tariffs. This commitment ensures that the energy powering marina facilities comes from renewable sources, setting an example for eco-friendly practices. Additionally, marinas have options to encourage sustainable practices among superyachts with tools like SEA Index®, incentivising sustainability with schemes like reduced berthing rates. This innovative strategy not only demonstrates the marinas’ dedication to environmental stewardship but also plays a crucial role in shaping the superyacht community’s approach to environmental responsibility. By adopting and promoting these practices, marinas are not just reducing their own carbon footprint but are also encouraging the wider superyacht sector to take meaningful steps towards sustainability.

Carbon Offsetting: A Voyage to Carbon Neutrality

A significant sign of a marina’s commitment to eco-friendly practices is the adoption of a carbon offset scheme. In collaboration with Yacht Carbon Offset, marinas can introduce programmes that allow for the offsetting of carbon emissions generated by superyachts and other vessels. For instance, our initiative with the prestigious St Katharine Docks Marina exemplifies a straightforward yet impactful approach, suggesting a nominal environmental fee per berth per night to support high-quality carbon reduction projects. Although St Katharine Docks has limited superyacht capacity, this action demonstrates that it is a leader in environmental responsibility, setting the path for other marinas to follow.


In the grand scheme of marine conservation, the role of marinas is becoming increasingly pivotal. By adopting sustainable practices and partnering with organisations like Yacht Carbon Offset, these nautical sanctuaries can lead the way in safeguarding our seas. For the superyacht community, the choice is clear: align with marinas that embody environmental responsibility and offer carbon offsetting options. Together, we can ensure that luxury goes hand in hand with a sustainable future. Find out more about our ‘Marina Carbon Offset Programme’ and read our information guide today.

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