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Embracing Sustainability: Our Top Five Favourite Superyacht Events

Yachts lined up at a yacht show considering ways of embracing sustainability

Yacht Carbon Offset is privileged to participate in a number of superyacht events that share our commitment to environmental stewardship. With this year’s yachting season now well underway, we thought we would spotlight five events that are pioneering innovative practices and initiatives, demonstrating how the superyacht industry can operate with ecological responsibility. Below is a rundown of our top five favourite ‘green’ superyacht events. Have a read and let us know which events would make your top five list.

MYBA Charter Show

A great show to kick off our list, the MYBA Charter Show has taken a very proactive approach to sustainability, partnering with us to offset an allocation of its carbon emissions since 2008. Its 16 years of committed action has made a substantial environmental impact by counterbalancing close to 2,600 tonnes of emissions and setting a responsible example within the superyacht community. Beyond carbon offsetting, the show actively promotes waste reduction strategies, including the composting of food waste and the recycling of materials like paper, plastic, and metal. Additionally, MYBA enriches its programme with seminars and discussions on sustainable yacht design and operations, offering valuable educational content that encourages industry-wide adoption of greener practices.

Monaco Yacht Show

At the heart of the glamorous Monaco Yacht Show lies its Sustainability Hub, an incubator for sustainable solutions within the maritime world. As part of its pledge to Monaco’s energy transition mission, the show has developed the Sustainability Hub to feature companies that are pioneering sustainable technologies and eco-friendly innovations. These participants are carefully selected to ensure they meet the stringent criteria. The Sustainability Hub not only showcases established companies but also gives a platform to startups that are revolutionising the industry, fostering a community that prioritises reducing the environmental footprint of superyachts.

Palma International Boat Show

The Palma International Boat Show is actively working towards becoming a certified sustainable event, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection and the fight against marine pollution. 2024 is a particularly significant year, marking the show’s 40th anniversary with a strong focus on sustainability. Efforts include calculating and aiming to reduce the event’s carbon footprint, implementing rigorous recycling protocols, and engaging participants in these practices. This commitment is set against the stunning backdrop of the Balearic Mediterranean, where the show is taking a stand against the prevalent issue of marine litter, particularly plastics and microplastics.

Antigua Charter Yacht Show

The Antigua Charter Yacht Show is deeply embedded in the tropical setting of Antigua, where environmental consciousness is paramount. Like MYBA, the show has been actively offsetting its carbon emissions with us for 15 years. In addition to this, the show excels in promoting sustainable practices through creative means, such as its annual Concours de Chef and Tablescaping competitions. These culinary events challenge superyacht chefs with a flair for five-star cuisine to embrace sustainable products and create dishes that spotlight local and eco-friendly ingredients. This initiative not only underscores the importance of sustainability but also illustrates the superyacht community’s dedication to driving positive change.

The Superyacht Forum

The Superyacht Forum offers an indispensable venue for discussing the environmental challenges and opportunities within the superyacht industry. In 2023, the forum was particularly notable for its focus on sustainable solutions, including discussions on the potential of biofuel and methanol as alternative energy sources – topics close to our heart. These conversations are crucial as they address the compatibility of current infrastructure with new technologies, reflecting the industry’s proactive approach to sustainability. The recent transition to being organised by RAI Amsterdam promises to further enhance the forum’s impact on promoting sustainable practices across the industry and we look forward to seeing the impact this makes on the superyacht community.

These five superyacht events illustrate the impressive strides being made towards sustainable yachting. They not only offer luxury and innovation but also reflect a growing commitment to ecological stewardship within our industry. At Yacht Carbon Offset, we are proud to collaborate with such forward-thinking events and invite superyacht event organisers, owners, captains, and charter companies to join us in our mission to offset carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices across the maritime world. Together, we can continue to enjoy the beauty of yachting while protecting the marine environment for future generations.

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