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Autumn 2023 Newsletter

Hello Superyacht Community!

Welcome to our Autumn 2023 Newsletter, covering Upcoming Events, Environmental News, and News from the Yachting Industry.

Yachting Industry News

Setting the standard for Carbon Offset in the Superyacht Community

Navigating the complex world of carbon offsetting can be challenging. At Yacht Carbon Offset, we are dedicated to providing a transparent, tailored carbon offset solution that ensures peace of mind and maximum impact. Our approach is defined by meticulous project selection and rigorous verification to ensure tangible results that benefit the environment. To dive a little deeper and explore how we set the standard for carbon offsets in the superyacht community we have written a short article, Setting the Standard for Carbon Offsets in the Superyacht Community. Read it here: Setting the Standard

Cannes and Monaco Show

We had a wonderful time at both the Cannes and Monaco yacht shows this September. It has been great to catch up with so many friends, colleagues, and clients. One thing that was evident as we walked the docks was the growing concern for the environment, which is really driving the superyacht industry to evolve. It is fantastic to see the community working together to tackle this issue, as demonstrated by the ‘Green Route’ at the Cannes Show and the ‘Sustainability Hub’ at the Monaco Show. It is exciting to see that a positive change is underway in the yachting industry.

Environmental News

Cop 28 November – December 2023

Although the decision for Dubai to host the conference has proved controversial, we are optimistic that COP28 will help the world to make progress towards a sustainable future. Over a two-week period, from 30th November to 12th December 2023, representatives from all around the world will explore environmental solutions in every area, from finance and trade to education and urban environments. The team at Yacht Carbon Offset will be closely following the conversations, with a particular focus on the outputs from the Decarbonization Hub. We look forward to reporting back on the conference’s progress in the weeks to come.

Aruba Wind Power Project Return

We are delighted to announce that we once again have credits available in the Vader Piet Wind Power project on the island of Aruba. Located in the Southern Caribbean Sea, this project has proven to be one of the most popular choices for our clients to support, due to its proximity to a popular yachting destination. The project supplies close to 20% of Aruba’s energy needs and lowers its dependency on fossil fuels, producing a carbon reduction of 1.2 tonnes CO2e per MWh of power produced. We are pleased to have this project back in our project portfolio: Our Carbon Reduction Projects

Looking Ahead

See you in Amsterdam

We are looking forward to attending The Superyacht Forum, a fabulous industry networking event hosted by  Superyacht News. As always, the event offers a packed 3-day agenda, including a second day of talks focussed on the Ocean. The Yacht Carbon Offset team are particularly looking forward to the ESG ‘shoot-out’ session on the Wednesday afternoon!  It’s great to see that many of the workshops are centred around positive environmental actions being taken within the industry. Advocacy for the marine world in which our industry operates is essential as the superyacht industry moves towards a sustainable future.

Supporting Antigua

In the light of recent events in Antigua, our heart goes out to everyone impacted by the fires that ravaged buildings at the Yacht Club Marina. We hope that the recovery process will go smoothly.
We are delighted that the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting is going ahead as planned and we are looking forward to being there. We have been taking action to counterbalance the carbon footprint of ACYM since 2009 and this year is no exception. We will be offsetting an allocation of the show’s fuel and power consumption and, additionally, we are extending our service to include an offset allowance for each of the exhibiting yachts. There are already 52 yachts signed up for ACYM 2023 and the list is still growing. It is going to be a great show!  Look out for our final ACYM 2023 carbon offset announcement in the coming days.

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest newsletter. If you have any further questions about carbon offsetting for the superyacht community, please do get in touch with us.

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