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Quantifying a Superyacht’s Carbon Footprint

One tonne of CO2 emissions can be an intangible concept. It can be imagined as occupying the volume of 500 fire extinguishers or as the weight of a great white shark. These comparisons make it slightly easier to comprehend the quantity of ‘one tonne of CO2’ but how do we quantify our own carbon footprint?

It is estimated that a European citizen generates, on average, an annual carbon footprint of around 7 tonnes CO2e per person. Where does this come from? Almost all everyday actions have a carbon footprint. It may be as small as sending an email (0.000004 tonnes CO2e) or boiling the kettle (0.00007 tonnes CO2e), or it could be something larger such as driving a car or flying from London to New York (which emits 0.3 tonnes per passenger). By connecting our actions to a quantity of emitted CO2e we can start to understand our own environmental impact.

Let’s take a look at the yachting industry. Many of our 50m+ superyacht clients offset, on average, at least 100 tonnes CO2e per month. This is the equivalent of an individual taking 333 commercial flights across the Atlantic, or the total carbon footprint of 14 European citizens for a year! It is clear that offsetting these emissions has a significant positive impact on our environment. The benefit is clear, the cost is modest. Click Offset Now for your free, no obligation quote today.

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