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Quantifying a Superyacht’s Carbon Footprint

Understanding the impact of carbon emissions can sometimes feel abstract, like trying to quantify the depth of an ocean without a reference point. Yet, to tackle climate change effectively, we need to translate these intangible concepts into something more tangible.

Imagine a tonne of CO₂—equivalent to the volume of 500 fire extinguishers or the weight of a great white shark. These comparisons offer a glimpse into the sheer magnitude of our carbon emissions. But when it comes to our personal contribution, how do we measure our own carbon footprint?

It is estimated that a European citizen generates, on average, an annual carbon footprint of around 7 tonnes CO₂e per person. But where does this all come from? Surprisingly, nearly all of our daily activities contribute to our carbon footprint. Whether it’s the seemingly innocuous act of sending an email (0.000004 tonnes CO₂e) or the routine task of boiling a kettle (0.00007 tonnes CO₂e), each action leaves its mark. Moreover, more extensive activities like driving a car or going on a flight from London to New York (emitting 0.3 tonnes per passenger) significantly impact our carbon footprint.

By quantifying our actions in terms of emitted CO₂e, we gain insight into our individual environmental impact. Understanding these connections enables us to make informed decisions and take steps towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Let’s take a look at the yachting industry. Within this sector, many of our esteemed clients, owners of 50m+ superyachts, actively engage in offsetting their carbon emissions through our innovative carbon offsetting services. On average, these clients offset at least 100 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent per month. To put this into perspective, it’s akin to an individual taking 333 commercial flights across the Atlantic or the entire carbon footprint of 14 European citizens for a whole year! The significance of this offsetting practice cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in mitigating environmental impact.

Our clients make a substantial positive contribution to our environment by utilising our services to offset their emissions. Moreover, the cost associated with offsetting is relatively modest, considering the significant environmental benefits it yields. Take action today by clicking “Offset Now” for your free, no-obligation quote.

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