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Now more than ever, it is vital that business leaders understand the impact of their activities on the environment and act. We are working with GymMarine to help the yachting industry clean up its air travel footprint. The goal is to offset 7,688,000 km, enough to fly to the moon and back 10 times!

A bright idea! Having witnessed the positive environmental impact that reductions in air travel had on the environment during the Coronavirus Lockdown period, Edward Thomas, Founder & Managing Director of Gym Marine came up with the idea of the #GreenWingsChallenge. Edward tallied up all the flights he took in 2019 and, in partnership with Yacht Carbon Offset, offset the associated emissions. His 38 flights generated nearly 10 tonnes of CO2e.

As the yachting swings back into action, Edward is calling on all CEO’s and travel-mad colleagues in the yachting industry to join him and take on the #GreenWingsChallenge! In doing so, participants will be taking a positive step to help preserve the environmental positive of this dreadful Covid-19 pandemic.

How to take part in the #GreenWingsChallenge. The details of the challenge can be found at:

To take part all you need to do is go back through your diary for 2019 and list all the flights you took.  The only information needed is origin and destination airport, single or return. Send the list by email to . Yacht Carbon Offset will send you a quote to arrange and certify the carbon offset for your flight emissions. The cost is modest, at around €2 per thousand passenger kilometres, but makes a real positive impact on the environment.

Once you receive your carbon offset Certificate, you will join our “Wall of Trustees”. Your contribution will help us to meet our challenging 768,800 passenger kilometres offset target.

Spread the word and challenge your yachting contacts to take part and help us reach our goal!

You can listen to the radio interviews here; YachtCast,Superyacht Radio

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