Green Festive Gift Packages

Are you looking for a festive gift that will have a long-lasting and memorable impact? Or perhaps you are struggling to find a gift for the person who has everything?

By choosing to gift a carbon offset you will bring a smile to faces and, at the same time, make a positive impact on the Planet. It’s a Win – Win! So, whether for your family, friend, colleague or work team, look no further –  Yacht Carbon Offset has a Gift package for you!

The Green Festive Packages

Package Name Carbon Footprint* Tonnes CO2e Festive Gift Package Price
Seaweed Single Person – UK Average Footprint 5 € 50.00
Pine Single Person – Above Average  Footprint 10 € 100.00
Pear Single Person – High Footprint OR Family Footprint 25 € 245.00
Seafoam Small company (<10 people) Footprint 50 € 440.00
Juniper Medium Company (10-50) Footprint 100 € 800.00
Emerald Large Company (50+) Footprint 200 € 1,550.00

By choosing to gift a carbon offset this festive season you will be supporting one of our specially selected green energy projects. You will receive a personalised certificate to present to the recipient, and the confidence that your gift makes a difference.

To give the gift of a carbon offset this year simply send an email to with the following information:

  • Name of Person/Company Giving Gift
  • Name of Person/Company Receiving Gift
  • Which Festive Package you would like
  • Invoice Address
  • Business or Private
  • Company VAT No. (if Business)

*Each package offsets the carbon emissions of the following activities:

  • Seaweed: 5 short-haul return flights + 8,000 Km car travel
  • Pine: 7 short-haul return flights + 2 economy class long-haul return flights +  10,000 Km car travel
  • Pear: 12 short-haul return flights + 2 economy class long-haul return flights + 2 business class long-haul return flights + 20,000 Km car travel
  • Seafoam: 24 short-haul return flights + 4  economy class long-haul return flights + 4 business long-haul return flights + 50,000 Km car travel
  • Juniper: 50 short-haul return flights + 8 economy class long-haul return flights + 8 business long-haul return flights + 100,000 Km car travel
  • Emerald: 75 short-haul return flights + 20 economy class long-haul return flights + 20 business long-haul return flights + 200,000 Km car travel
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